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About Us

Pose Button is your own unique shopping experience. It learns your style when you use our search engine to find fashion that you like and then uses your personalized characteristics like your height and measurements, your favorite color and body part to further filter the best options for you. With the use of AI and XR, we are giving shoppers a unique experience to "touch" fashion technology like they've never before.

Our Journey

Idea Initiation

After searching on Pinterest for a specific item, Adey discovered a pain point of a lack of search optimization and came up with the idea to solve the personalization in retail through enhanced search results.

Team Building

Adey onboarded Zoe as Pose Button’s CTO to begin work on the idea.

Beta Testing

Basic beta testing began for target markets

Team Building 2.0

Adey onboarded Phil as Pose Button’s CXO to enhance the user experience.


Tiwa, Pose Button’s metahuman was born. This markered the beginning of our XR itegrations.

Our First Accelerator

Pose Button participates in the 2021 Techstars J.P. Morgan Catalyst Program.

Web Extension

Web extension live on Chrome and Firefox as a basic MVP.

New Marketer

Adey onboarded Kodili and Paige to lead Pose Button’s marketing team.

Accelerator 2.0

Pose Button participated in Gener8tor Bronze Valley accelerator. Additionally, v2 of the website was launched alongside a web beta ready for search recommendations.


We partnered with Curie and 3D Looks to provide us 3d scans of clothing items and AR fit features respectively.

Website Redesign

We went live with this version of the website and algorithm demo.